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Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on September 25, 1969 in Swansea (Wales). Girl, it is interested in the dance and to the song then thereafter turns to the theatre while taking part in various musicals. In 1990, at the time of a representation, it is located by Philippe De Broca who urges it to play its first part with the cinema in "Shéhérazade". The following year, it turns in a British series "The Darling Buds of May" which enables him to be made a name. After several second roles, it is located in 1996 by Steven Spielberg in a televised series recalling the shipwreck of Titanic.

Spielberg, producer of film "the Mask De Zorro" thinks then of it to incarnate the girl of Gift Diego Of Vega interpreted by Antonio Banderas. The film which is an immense success definitively launches its career in films to large budget. In 2000, it marries Michael Douglas (they have two children together) and turns with him in "Traffic". All seems to succeed with the beautiful Catherine who makes jealous more than one woman of Hollywood. Its services can also make desire bus of "the Terminal" with "Ocean' S Twelve", while passing by "the Legend of Zorro" in 2006 Catherine is always perfect in her roles and makes crack more than one man as well by his talent as by its beauty.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones
Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones
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