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Zellweger Renee

Zazie, from its true name Isabelle de Truchis de Varenne, was born on April 18, 1964 in Paris. It grows, in a protected universe, between a father architect and a mother professor of music. Brilliant pupil, it obtains his literary vat at 16 years. Not really fixed on what she wants to do in the life, Zazie undertakes studies of kiné, then turns to the foreign languages. In parallel it becomes mannequin to gain a little money.

But the studies are not made for it and of mannequin it does not like much the trade, which it likes, it is the music. It played of the violin during ten years and also plays of the guitar.
Zazie is then put to write and compose (It played of the violin during ten years and also plays of the guitar) and then decides to be made known houses of discs. It manages to sign a contract on a small label pertaining to Polygram and the catch to place when it meets Pascal Obispo. This meeting leaves a first album "I, you, they" which meets success near the public and also near the professionals since in 1993 Zazie is elected "female revelation of the year". Its career is launched, and Zazie will not leave any more the front of the French scene. Its second album "Zen" leaves in 1995. It contains its larger tubes: "Larsen", "Zen", "a point it is you" and "Man Sweet Homme".
It takes part in many humane projects like "the Dumbs" for "the Restaurants of the Heart", collaborates in the album "Together Against the AIDS" and "Ground In If".
It also writes for many French artists: Pascal Obispo of course, but also Johnny Hallyday (Light fire, it is her!), David Hallyday, Florent Pagny, Patricia Kaas, Jane Birkin or Isabelle Boulay. More recently, she wrote songs for Calogero, Axel Bauer or Julie Zenatti.
In 2001 its fourth album "the Discord leaves" which is worth to him a victory of the Music in Better category the "Interprets Female".
At the beginning of August 2002, it gives rise to small Lola, then sets out again on the roads for a series in concerts from which the album “Ze Live is extracted” which leaves in 2003. It returns at the end of 2004 with the album studio, “Rodeo”. Then 2007 should be waited until to intend Zazie to deliver new a opus to us, written splendid and simple musics and envoûtantes are always the receipt which gains for Zazie which signs there one of its best album.

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