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Frank Zappa was born in Baltimore in Maryland, December 21 1940 parents of origin Italian. Guitarist and type-setter, it starts as of the end of the Fifties a career protestor by forming "The Blackouts" but 1964 should be waited until so that it explodes at the great day with "The Mothers Of Invention" and the exit of its first double album concept "Freak Out".
Its music puts forward a rebellious and anarchistic life style at the words often scatologic, where côtoie also violence and sex, causing violent reactions approving or of repulsion. Frank Zappa does not leave indifferent and connects the albums, which it sometimes composes in less than 10 days. It is also tested with the cinema; not without success, its film "Snakes Baby" receives at the beginning of the Eighties in Paris the first price of international Film of musical film. Zappa also composes for full orchestra and London Symphony Orchestra records a part of its repertory. About the middle of the Eighties, its combat becomes increasingly political and it becomes the black animal of a part of the United States. It gives its last concert in 1988, after two decades of rounds throughout the world.
December 4, 1993, Frank Zappa dies at his place, in Laurel Canyon, surrounded of his Gail wife and her four children. It leaves us several tens of albums, films, of the writings, the summary of a life of virtuoso in all the directions of the term.

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Frank Zappa
Musician Frank Zappa
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