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Neil Young was born on November 12, 1945 in Toronto (Canada). It grows with the rock' roll by listening to Chuck Berry or Presley Elvis on a radio set and impassioned by their talents puts himself very early at the guitar. With adolescence, there is already with several groups then share to settle in 1966 in Los Angeles. There it takes part in the constitution of the group of rock'n'roll Buffalo Springfield with which it will play during two years before founding the group Crosby Stills Nash and Young with his three assistants of always. But the constitution of this group does not prevent Neil from thinking of a career in solo and its album folk-rock'n'roll "Harvest" in 1972 meets an enormous success and is regarded still today as a disc impossible to circumvent.

A career is followed from there which does not finish any lasting which makes of Neil Youg the most famous Canadian of the history of the rock'n'roll in all its forms since it knew to diversify while being tested with his various alternatives: folk, rock'n'roll, grunge, country, new wave, blues or punk in more than forty albums. The latest to date "Wind Meadow", left at the end of 2005 is not without pointing out the environment of the discs of the beginning of 70 and will make it possible to await a complete republication of the discography of Neil envisaged since of the years.

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Neil Young
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