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Michaël Youn, from its true name Benayoun, was born on December 2, 1973 in Suresnes from an Algerian father and an Italian mother. Raise shining, its vat out of pocket, it follows 5 years of studies of trade in a school higher in Nice, where it obtains a diploma of master in management.

It is engaged by Microsoft in 1996 but gives up quickly and is directed towards the theatre while following a dramatic formation which it will never finish with the Florent Course. He becomes operator with Fun Radio, Radio Nova, Skyrock and ends up occupying the morning section on this radio by presenting the current events on a shifted tone. He leaves the radio operator east becomes the organizer high-speed motorboat of M6 thanks to Morning Live. In space the two years Michael becomes a genuine high-speed motorboat but it fears to feel locked up in its role of organizer and decides to stop in full glory. Its return on the front of the scene is crashing to pieces thanks to the title "Stach Stach" recorded with Vincent and Benjamin under the pseudonym of Bratisla Boys. In 2003 its first film "Beuze leaves", in which it interprets the hidden son of James Brown. The same year, it presents its first one-man show "Pluskapoil". Never to course of idea, Michael leaves new an individual end 2003 "As the Jerks" who announces the exit of its second film "the 11 Commands". Into 2005 Michael register changes by interpreting the principal role of the film "Iznogoud" then returns in 2006 in "Unverifiable", a film or it loses the control of its body. In 2007, change of register for the cinema, Michaël Youn is with l'affiche film "Héros" in which it interprets its first dramatic role. In parallel, it n'abandonne not its comic side while leaving an album under the name of Fatal Bazooka ("T'as Vu") with the tubes "Fous Ta Cagoule", or "Mauvaise Foi Nocturne".

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