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Youn Michael

Xzibit, from its true name, Alvin Nathaniel Joiner was born on January 8, 1974 in Detroit (the USA). It grows in a poor universe where to distract itself it writes some texts. Of removal in removal, Xzibit crosses with its family the United States, that disturbs the teenager who according to his statements "becomes unchained". It is placed in a center for young people of which it is released at the 17 years age. Conscious that its future is in the music, it leaves for California where it meets in 1992 a producer interested by his texts. The project will lead in 1996 with left its first album "At The Speed Of Life". The intensity of its serious voice and its heavy texts melts of it one of best the album of the year. It is quite naturally that DrDre, more respected producers hip hop, produces the third (1998), the fourth (2000) and the fifth (2002) album of Xzibit. In 2004 Xzibit returns with an album solo "Weapon Of Mass Destruction" and announces the creation of the group Strong ARM Steady at the sides of Mitchy Slick, Phil the Agony and of Krondon, business to be thus followed.

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