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Natalie Wood, from his true name Natasha Gurdin, was born on July 20, 1938 in San Francisco (the USA). It makes its beginnings by chance with the cinema, in 1943, while being located on the turning of the scenes external of the film "Happy Land" by the scenario writer Irving Pichel. His/her mother, filled with ambition for her daughter contacts a business manager which will give him its pseudo: Natalie Wood. Until 1953 the girl will turn in a score of films to the sides of the largest actors of the time, then she marks a first pause in her career to finish her studies.

For its return on large screen in 1955, Natalie Wood is a époustouflante girl (Judy) at the sides of James Dean in the film worship of a whole generation: "Fury Of Living". It is at the top of its glory five years later with the films "West Side Story" and "the Fever In Blood". From the middle of the Sixties Natalie Wood moves away more and more from his work and does not make any more but of rare appearances to the cinema preferring to devote itself to its family (it with have two child: Natacha with Richard Gregson born in 1970 and Courtney with Robert Wagner in 1974). Natalie Wood drowns on November 29, 1981, a few weeks after the turning of its last film "Brainstorm" which will leave two years after its death. Natalie Wood, symbol of the Hollywood myth, was a large actress too early missing.

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Natalie Wood
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