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Stevie Wonder, from its true name Steveland Judkins Hardaway, was born on May 13, 1950 in Saginaw in the United States. Following a medical error, it becomes blind at the one month age. Child prodigy, he becomes soloist in the choral society of his church and starts to play of the piano and the harmonica as of the 5 years age. The rythm and blues is its school and the little genius is pointed out by the house of disc "black" Tamla Motown whereas it is only twelve years old. It leaves its first individual in 1963 and in front of the success of this first test an album leaves in the tread: "The Jazz Soul Of Little Stevie Wonder".

The career of Stevie does nothing but start and, throughout the Sixty ten, it goes surfer on the vagueness of success and to be held with the top of the hits grace, in particular, with albums like "Innervisions" or "Songs In The Key Of Life" which contain world tubes with the image of "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life". The Eighties then 90 see a certain retreat on behalf of the Master who is done rarer in the studios but manages to each new exit of album to create the event. For this reason, Stevie is rewarded by more than 15 Grammy Award, proof if it were necessary some of its talent. Its musical creativity and the relevance of its texts made of him an element impossible to circumvent of the music and each exit of album is awaited like a new lesson, the last in date is of October 2005 and is called "A Time 2 Love".

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Stevie Wonder
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