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Witt Katarina

Reese Witherspoon was born on March 22, 1976 in Nashville in Tennessee. It is impassioned very early for the cinema, is registered with courses of audio-visual and works for the Disney studios like for Carl Franklin. Whereas it did not reach its tenth birthday yet, the small blonde turns already of many spots of pub, to believe that it is made for that.
It is at 14 years, that it takes its first steps on the small screen, in the telefilm "Wildflower" of Diane Keaton, then it is located by Robert Mulligan who proposes to him a role in "a summer in Louisiana". But Reese does not give up therefore its studies, it thus enters in 1995 to the university of Stanford or it follows courses of English literature.

But these some appearances are worth heaps of praises and the chance to him to be pointed out by many realizers. One thus sees it in "Pleasantville" in 1998, in Cruel cultissime the "Intention" in 1999 film in which it meets her current husband, Ryan Phillipe sublimates it. Reese does not stop with that, it connects in "Election", "Little Nicky" and "American Psycho". It also amuses us in "Legally Bonde", and "Legally Bonde 2". To quote all its catalogue of films would be too much long, us thus will hold we with the topicality. In this year 2006, it is thus with the poster of "Walk the Line" and becomes the actress paid best by receiving 29 million dollars to interpret a young woman in horror film "Our Family Troubles"

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Reese Witherspoon
Actress Reese Witherspoon
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