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Ophélie Winter was born on February 20, 1974 in Boulogne-Billancourt. It is the girl of David Alexander Winter, a Dutch singer known in the Seventies, and of Cathy, old mannequin, become its agent thereafter.
Ophélie very early makes its beginnings in the show business since as of the six years age it records a disc for children. However, its career of singer really begins in 1992, when it meets these future producers: the Nakache brothers.

From 1994, it presents Hit Machine on M6. Its naturalness and its spontaneousness very quickly allure the public and allow him to become the idol of a whole generation. Thus when the individual one leaves "God gave me the faith" Ophélie finds himself at the head of the hits parades during several weeks. In 1996 the album "No Soucy leaves" which meets to him also a honourable success (more than 500 000 sold specimens).
From 1996 Ophélie is devoted full-time to the cinema, "Men, Femmes, instructions", "All must disappear", "Moves" and "Insane of it", just is a small pause in the middle of 1998 for the album "Privacy" and Ophélie find the studios of turning with the first female role in "there a cop to save humanity?" It connects since at the rate/rhythm of a film per annum.
It is necessary to wait the year 2002 to intend Ophélie again to charm us in music. Its last album, "Explicit Lyrics" takes once again the way of R' B soul, but decorates sounds hip-hop more and more to secure an effective and modern groove.

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Ophelie Winter
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