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Amy Winehouse was born on September 14, 1983 in Enfield, in the suburbs of London (England). Its family, impassioned by the music, very quickly discovers a certain talent in the girl. So that it can open out fully, Amy is registered in "Brit School for the Performing Arts". Sharing its time between study and local scene, Amy ends up being pointed out and signs a contract with a house of disc in 1999. Amy Winehouse polishes its style (that some compare to Sarah Vaughan or Macy Gray) and its songs to deliver in 2003 its first album: "Frank". It is a paperboard in addition to handle and Amy gains many rewards with titles like "Stronger Than Me".

Mix soul, pop, jazz or gospel, the music of Amy Winehouse allures a large audience which in redemande. It is thing made in 2006 with the exit of the second opus of the English young person and beautiful: "Back to Black". New success in addition to handle is a little everywhere in the world or the album rises in the first places of the charts. In August 2007, that which clamp in the title of opening of its album "Rehab", that she does not want to go in cure of detoxication, is hospitalized to put a term at its alcohol problem. Let us wish that it be only one bracket in a so brilliant career and for one of the most beautiful voice of its last years.

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Amy Winehouse
Singer Amy Winehouse
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