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Bruce Willis was born on March 19, 1955 on the military basis from Idar Oberstein in Germany. His/her Marlène mother is of German origin and his/her David father is American. Bruce A grows in PennsGrove then left for New York in order to become actor. He becomes barman to round the ends of month, and as by miracle points out itself by a director of casting whereas he is in service.

It thus obtains a minor part in a film, and in 1985, it appears with the casting of "Moon Claire", a series which will last 4 years and for which it obtains l’Emmy and the Golden delicious Earth.
Its notoriety does not cease increasing, it becomes the héro many films of actions, we will thus see it in "The Verdict" in 1982, "Blind Date" in 1987, or "Sunset" in 1988. It intermingles professional life and love life. November 21, 1987, it marries Demi Moore with which it has 3 children. But the couple does not resist the media pressure and separates in 2000. It launches this same year its house of production, Cheyenne Entreprises. It took part in many turnings of which he is the star, like "Traps out of turbid water", "Pulp Fiction", "the Fifth element", or "Armageddon". It is through work that Bruce became a myth of the American cinema since in 25 years of career, it played in step less than 40 films!
It is in this moment with the poster of "16 Blocks", and with recently received in Paris the badges of officer of Arts and Lettres.

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Bruce Willis
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