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Laurent Voulzy, from his true Lucien first name, was born on December 18, 1948 in Paris from parents d’origines Inhabitant of Guadeloupe. He has for the music a love without faults and at fourteen years he assembles its first group in which he holds the battery. It is at this period that it discovers Beatles and their harmonies l’inspirent and pushes it to compose some titles which it plays on small scenes. In 1967, if it gains a contest with one of its songs ("Shy person"), it will however be necessary for him to await the beginning of the Seventies to sign a contract with a house of discs.

1972 to 1976, it leaves individual per annum, without however meeting success. In 1974, it meets Alain Souchon, who will become his friend and his collaborator. Their work leaves the first album Souchon in 1974 and the first tube of Laurent in 1977 ("Rockcollection") who will make sing whole France. However, Laurent is a slow artist and it will take two years before leaving its first album: "Cœur Grenadine". Immediate success, sales at the top, the Voulzy machine is in place and the receipt appears simple: melodies which are retained easily, finely engraved by harmonic arrangements perfect. "Karin Redinger", "Bopper in tears", "Beautiful-Island-in-Sea" and well of others are as many tubes as each one can fredonner easily. Its albums are rare (its latest to date: at the end of "April" 2001), but each time same success meets and, well far from the mediatized singers with excess, Laurent in the French musical world brings a key to be well, it is certainly also that which is worth the recognition of the public to him.

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Laurent Voulzy
Singer Laurent Voulzy
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