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Roch Voisine was born on March 26, 1963 in Edmundston, in Quebec. Roch fits very young person the shoes and moves towards a sporting career as player of hockey. Unfortunately, at 17 years, following a serious muscular tear at the age, it must give up a promising career. It occupies its convalescence while writing and by scraping the cords of a guitar, then, with friends, it records some compositions but without any professional aiming. However, Paul Vincent, a disc Québécois jockey, thinks that Roch has a voice and a solid talent of type-setter. He decides to become his agent. Roch Voisine leaves a very first disc "Sweet songs". It also makes to its first scene face 50.000 people at the time of the Canadian national festival. Second disc in 1987, "Roch Neighbor". The young singer starts to know a small notoriety partly cultivated by the emission "Signal Youth" which it animates successfully on Québécois television. In 1989, it triumphs with television in the role over Dany Ross, player of hockey in the series "Knocks and Gains".

Roch Voisine is thus not completely unknown when its career explodes in 1989 with the title "Helene". The album, of the same name, is sold to three million specimen in a few months and Roch Voisine is crowned superstar day at the following day.
In 1992, before beginning a third round in France, Roch Voisine receives the title of Knight of the Order of Arts and the Letters.
In 1993, its wax statue takes seat to the Grévin museum with with dimensions of that of Madonna.
So very regularly the inhabitant of Quebec leaves the albums, it does not join again with success. "Each Fire" left in 1999, "Roch Voisine" in 2001.
In 2002, new "Higher" opus leaves, in English. Rather removed, between pop rock'n'roll and ballades, this album is dedicated to Myriam Midsummer's Day, a Québécois young person whom it married on December 21.

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Roch Voisine
Singer Roch Voisine
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