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Vodianova Natalia

Vitaa was born on March 14, 1983 in Mulhouse (France). It is of Italian origin by her mother what confers a key of Mediterranean beauty to him which in makes crack more one. It takes its first steps in the musical world under the name of Vitaa by recording a duet with the rappor Dadoo. But it is its meeting one year later with Diam' S which will mark a turning in its career. Its first title solo ("My Sister") figure on one compiles R' B In 2006, Vitaa becomes chorus-singer for Diam' S then ensures its first parts before recording in duet with it the title "Confession Intimate". Be a prelude to with a beautiful career, album "A Fleur Of You" who leaves at the beginning of 2007 shows all the talent of author of Vitaa which signs superb texts which touches the public.

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