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Villeret Jacques

Jules Verne was born on February 8, 1828 in Nantes, of an acknowledged father and a mother resulting from an easy family. After having followed studies of philosophy to Nantes, Jules Verne settles in Paris in 1848 to study the right there. There, he writes some poems and a play that Alexandre Dumas agrees to go up. In 1850, its finished studies, Jules decides not to take the succession of his/her father to devote itself to the writing. He publishes his first news quickly and devotes himself to the writing of more consistent accounts such as Martin Paz, Maître Zacharius, a Wintering in the ices or of the plays like Colin Maillard. In 1856, Jules Verne makes the knowledge of his future wife, Honorine Morel, widow of Fraysne de Viane, old of twenty-six years and mother of two children. The single child of Jules Verne, Michel, is born on August 3, 1861.

In 1862, its meeting with the editor Pierre-Jules Hetzel marks a turning in its career. Jules Verne leaves its first large novel the following year. Five weeks in balloon is an immediate success and precedes the long series of the "Extraordinary Voyages" made up of 54 titles. Jules Verne, as a scholar who it is, also publishes of other works: Illustrated geography of France and its colonies, History of the great voyages and the large travellers. Patient from diabetes, Jules Verne will extinguish March 24, 1905 in Amiens while leaving several novels not published, some will be modified by his/her Michel son who adds chapters, cut off, put in scene new characters, change the dialogues and the conclusions from them, thus denaturing the work of his/her father, the first large author of Science Fiction.


Cinq semaines en Ballon (1863)
Voyage au centre de la Terre (1864)
De la Terre à la Lune / Autour de la Lune (1865 - 1870)
Voyages et aventures du capitaine Hatteras (1866)
Les Enfants du capitaine Grant (1867)
Vingt mille lieues sous les mers (1870)
Une Ville flottante (1871)
Aventures de trois Russes et de trois Anglais (1872)
Le Pays des fourrures (1873)
Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours (1873)
L'Ile mystérieuse (1874)
Le Chancellor (1875)
Michel Strogoff (1876)
Hector Servadac (1877)
Les Indes noires (1877)
Un Capitaine de quinze ans (1878)
Les Cinq cents millions de la Bégum (1879)
Les Tribulations d'un Chinois en Chine (1879)
La Maison à vapeur (1880)
La Jangada (1881)
Le Rayon vert (1882)
L'Ecole des Robinsons (1882)
Kéraban le têtu (1883)
L'Archipel en feu (1884)
L'Etoile du Sud (1884)
Mathias Sandorf (1885)
Robur le conquérant (1886)
Un Billet de loterie (1886)
Le Chemin de France (1887)
Nord contre Sud (1887)
Deux Ans de vacances (1888)
Sans dessus dessous (1889)
Famille sans nom (1889)
César Cascabel (1890)
Mistress Branican (1891)
Le Château des Carpathes (1892)
Claudius Bombarnac (1892)
P'tit Bonhomme (1893)
Mirifiques Aventures de Maître Antifer (1894)
L'Ile à hélice (1895)
Face au drapeau (1896)
Clovis Dardentor (1896)
Le Sphinx des glaces (1897)
Le Superbe Orénoque (1898)
Le Testament d'un excentrique (1899)
Seconde patrie (1900)
Le Village aérien (1901)
Les Histoires de Jean-Marie Cabidoulin (1901)
Les Frères Kip (1902)
Bourses de voyage (1903)
Maître du Monde (1904)
Un Drame en Livonie (1904)
L'Invasion de la mer (1905)
Le Phare du bout du monde (1906)
Le Volcan d'or (1906)
L'Agence Thompson et compagnie (1907)
La Chasse au météore (1908)
Le Pilote du Danube (1908)
Les Naufragés du Jonathan (1910)
Le Secret de Wilhelm Storitz (1910)
L'Etonnante aventure de la Mission Barsac (1919)

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