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Ventura Lino, from its true name, Angelo Borrini, was born in Parma (Italy) on July 14, 1919. His/her parents settles in France when it is seven years old, it grows there by carrying out a calm and altogether banal life. It exerts various small trades and devotes a great part of its time to the fight. In 1942, it marries Odette Lecomte, a love of youth. Its perseverance in the drive of the fight enables him to become champion of Europe in 1950. A wound with the hip and a meeting with Jacques Becker decide continuation of the life of Lino: it is engaged to give the counterpart to Jean Gabin in "Do not touch in Grisbi" in 1953. From this moment Lino Ventura illustrates itself in numbers of roles of gangsters or hard to cook.

In 1966, following the birth of his/her Linda daughter, mental handicapped person, Lino an association (Snowdrop) having for goal melts to create reception facilities to occupy itself decently of the young patients. It receives supports it many artist and thanks to its combative spirit it succeeded in making live and develop association.
October 22, 1987 Ventura Lino dies at the 68 years age of a heart attack, and leaves behind him 34 years of a cinematographic rich person career.

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Lino Ventura
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