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Stephen Ray Vaughan was born in Oak Cliff, close to Dallas, October 3, 1954. It starts to play of the guitar, with his elder brother Jimmie, as of the eight years age. Stevie is involved day and night and becomes one of best the guitarist of its area, but other side of the coin, it neglects its studies and is found excluded from its college in 1972. It decides to join his brother in Austin to live of its music.

It plays in various club randomly of the meetings before forming its group in 1976: "Threat Triple Re-examined". With force in concerts and small round, the group, which is called now "Double Disorder", ended up being made beautiful famous and successful to be made invite to the festival of Montreux (Swiss) in 1982. It is the catch for Stevie. Noticed by David Bowie, that Ci requires of him to hold the guitar on its album to come: "Let' S Dance". In 1983, after two days of recording and hardly more for the mixing, the first album leaves Stevie, "Texas Flood" which electrifies its listeners and makes of Stevie the new hero of the six cords. The concerts multiply and to hold, Stevie drink and take drugs more than of reason, in 1986, it breaks down on scene, with the limit of the overdose. It decides to be caught in hand and enters a center of detoxication. It will be for him one very difficult period of its life that it reports partly in its album "In Step" which leaves in 1989 to mark its return. Return of short duration, alas, since August 27, 1990, whereas it returns in a concert which it has just given with Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan and Robert CRAY, its helicopter is crushed and it dies in the accident, thus marking the end of a man, but the beginning of a legend.

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Steve Ray Vaughan
Musician Steve Ray Vaughan
Illustration of Steve Ray Vaughan


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