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Vaneck Aurelie

Magalie Vaé, from its true name Magalie Bonneau, was born on January 6, 1987 in Parisian suburbs. Solitary and reserved child, Magalie grows with the réal-TV and more particularly the Académy Star. Fan of Anne-Laure, a pupil of the second season, it also dreams it to embrace the career of singer (it sings since the seven years age and already taking part in an emission of television). In 2005, it is retained with the casting of the fifth season of the Académy Star. The public is not mistaken by seeing in it brilliant girl who opens out day in day and allots the victory in December 2005 to him. Since, the girl left to work in Canada for the recording of its first album whose exit is scheduled for April 03, 2006. An appointment not to be missed for beautiful Magalie which should assure us all his talent and to open the doors of a long career.

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Magalie Vae
Singer Magalie Vae
Photography of Magalie Vae


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