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Usher was born on October 14, 1978 in Dallas, in Texas. It is very early made the voice in the churches by singing the gospel. It explores various musical styles and decides to become singer. Its participation in an emission of television equivalent to Graines of Stars is decisive: a house of disc notices this young artist with the voice of angel and the face chérubin. It does not have which 14 years and its first album under the crook of Puff Daddy records. This first album enables him to acquire a certain notoriety in the United States and it manages to be essential like one of the stars to follow R&B.

Two years later, Usher leaves its second album "My Way" and is made known of the international public in particular thanks to the title "You Make Me Wanna". Usher in addition to its extraordinary voice and its talents of dancers Co-writing three-quarters of these songs.
More than six years are necessary before finding Usher in studio for its third album "8701". A strange title which however has a significance: 87 is the year when Usher known as to have started to explore the universe of the music and 01 returns in the place which Usher thanks to its music could occupy.
At the beginning of 2004, the prince of the R&B makes a return crashing to pieces in the charts with its fourth album, "Confessions", from which the enormous tube results: "Yeah !".

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Singer Usher
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