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Keith Urban was born on October 26, 1967 in New Zealand but grows in Australia. His/her parents are fans of music country and it is quite naturally that small Keith is seen offering a guitar for its six years. It quickly shows provisions for the music and takes part in local contests as of adolescence. In 1992, it leaves to settle in Nashville, the world capital of the country music. There, it assembles a group which meets an immense success in the club of the city and ends up being pointed out by a large house of discs. The group leaves an album in 1997 ("The Ranch") and separates at once after, but Keith managed to show its talent and great name (Garth Brooks, Dixie Chicks, Matt Rollings, etc.) music call upon him to take part in the recording of their albums. Lastly, in 2000 Keith its first album éponyme leaves which enables him to be made a name and opens the doors of the success to him. In 2002 Keith returns with its second opus "Road Golden delicious" which propels it at the top of the charts country.

In 2005 individual "Days Go By" is the spearhead of the third album of Keith "Be Here", the title is sold of Australia in Canada and of Europe in the United States, making of Keith the most known musician country of the moment, moreover, its meeting with Nicole Kidman and their marriage in 2006 largely contributes to increase its popularity in the countries or passion for the style country is less.

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Keith Urban
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