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Gaspard Ulliel was born on November 25, 1984 in Boulogne Billancourt. Teenager, it intends himself for the trade of realizer and takes his first steps in the trade of the cinema by playing a minor part in a short film in 1999. Become student at the university of the 7th art of Saint Denis, it continuous in parallel to turn in various productions until Michel Blanc proposes to him a more consistent role in "Embrace Which You Will want" in 2002.

From this moment, Gaspard is devoted more fully to the trade of actor and takes courses of comedy to the Florent Course, allured by the young man, proposes to him a role at the sides of Emmanuelle Béart in 2003 in "the Stray ones" then in 2004, it is Jean Pierre Jeunet who offers to him a role in "Long Sunday Of Engagement" in 2004. For this film, Gaspard receives César of the best male hope which lets forecast a great future. However, that which dissolves the girls, chooses thereafter to play in films plus intimists like "the House Of Nina", before returning in 2007 with two great successes of the box office: "Jacquou It Crunching" and "Hannibal Lecter: Origins Of the Evil "which gives a dash internationnal to its career.

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Gaspard Ulliel
Actor Gaspard Ulliel
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