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Liv Tyler, from its true Livonia first name, was born on July 1, 1977 in Portland (the USA). His/her parents are Steve Tyler, singer of the group Aerosmith rock'n'roll and Bebe Buell, old a mannequin. It is to his/her mother that it must begin with adolescence a career of mannequin. His/her father, when with him, urges it to play in a video clip of its group. It is the catch for Liv Tyler which is directed from now on towards the cinema. It turns in some films but it is thanks to "Beauty Stolen" in 1996 that it is pointed out general public. Thereafter, it plays with the great names of Hollywood like Bruce Willis ("Armageddon") or Richard Gere in "Doctor T And the Women".

Its radiant beauty makes some in 2001 the princess of the Elves (Arwen) in the trilogy of the "Lord Of the Rings". Since this service, beautiful Liv Tyler with a notebook of turning than filled more "Corner Locker Babies", "Lonesome Jim" in 2005, "Empty City" into 2006) but it A took time into 2004 to give rise to its first child: Milo William Langdon (the dad is Royston Langdon of the Spacehog group).

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Liv Tyler
Actress Liv Tyler
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