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Shania Twain, from its true name, Eilleen Regina Edwards, was born on August 28, 1965 in Windsor (Canada).
His/her father gives up it whereas it is still baby and his/her mother remakes her life with a Ojibwa Amerindian of the name of Jerry Twain.
Its family is poor and it is necessary to fight each day to fill the plates of Shania and its brothers and sisters. At that time already Shania took refuge in the loneliness of its bathroom, playing of the guitar, singing and writing until its fingers cannot any more pain. "But I liked that!", it remembers.
With the six years age, it integrates its first choral society. From its eight years, Shania starts to occur in the bars, the clubs and on some local radios by taking again titles country. She starts to compose and sing her own repertory at the 10 years age.

At 21 years, it loses her parents in a car accident and is found supports of family. She assumes this role perfectly and devotes herself completely during a few years. In 1990, his/her brothers and sisters can only assume themselves and it is devoted completely to its career. It selected a name of artist (Shania, Amerindian first name which means: "I am on my way"). Record a cassette of demonstration and share for Nashville. Located by Nashville Mercury, it leaves its first album éponyme into 93. The producer of rock'n'roll, Robert John Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Bus, Def Leppard, Foreigner, Bryan Adams and much of others) falls under the charm from Shania and of its music, he becomes his producer, then her husband in 1995.
With its second album ("The Woman In Me") Shania becomes one of the most recognized the artists country.
raised in a universe country, Shania with successful to renew this style while adding to it of the nuances pop soul and rock'n'roll which one finds in its third album ("Come One Over") left in 1997 and rewarded in the whole world.
After an interminable round which carried out it to the four corners of the planet Shania A took time to compose the titles of its album "Up!" left in 2003 and with always uncontested success.

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Shania Twain
Singer Shania Twain
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