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Truffaut Francois

In 1996, Fran Healy (singer and guitarist) form the group Glass Onion with Neil Primerose(beater), Andy Dunlop (guitarist and chorus), and two other boys whom it will replace by Dougie Payne (bass player and chorus). They re-elect the Travis group, sign a contract at Sony and leave their Glasgow native for London. Their first individual "All I want to C is Rock" makes speak about him, the group then makes its entry in the press people. Their first individual "Good Feeling" leaves in September 1997 and is placed directly in signal 10 of the British charts. The group thus allured Great Britain with its soft melodies, its splendid texts and the Scottish voice most sensual to interpret them.
Travis records "The Invisible Band" in Los Angeles with Nigel Godrich. This new album full with freshness remains faithful to the style of the group, although it is sophisticated more. Their envoûtante music A conquered the whole world by its simplicity and its softness.

Indeed, they sell 4 million album with "The Man Who" and gains Brit Award in 2000 for the best album and as a better group. A dedication which has occurred after a one year round to RU the thus qu’aux USA (in first part of Oasis).

Francis Healy was born on July 23 1973 with the neighbourhoods from stafford. As of the 5 years age, Fran wanted of glory and a great ambition, it wanted to become a Rock'n'roll Star. Held bet, 2 years later it gains a contest of song.
The charming singer take his revenge on the rough ones which martyrisaient it with l’école primary education, and their sending a large F *** "I walked as if I had neon flickering above me who said" Odd "they used it to follow me to the house and to strike me..." known as Francis.
It met Dougie and Andy at the School of Art of Glasgow and Neil in Horseshoe Bar.

Douglas Payne was born in Glasgow on November 14, 1972. With the 3 years age, it falls of a wall and becomes amnesic.
Francis proposes to him to form part of entant the Travis group that bass player whereas it had never touched one of his life of them.

Andrew Dunlop was born in Glasgow on March 16, 1972. It grows in Lenzie in the north of Glasgow or it takes the courses of piano and guitar. It took part in a contest for young talent, or it failed but it takes its revenge during the summer 1999 when Travis invites it "to scrape" in Newquay Cornwall with the foot of the Headland hotel.

Neil Primerose, oldest from the group was born on February 20, 1972 in Cumberauld, in Glasgow. His/her father was a powerful engineer, this is why the first 10 years of the life of small Neil marked only of international voyages. He learns how to play of the battery at the side of Ronnie one of his friends. He also has another passion, swimming. Who was worth a stop of several months to the group following an accident which nailed it in a wheel chair. The doctor of the beater predicts a paralysis with life then to him. But Neil does not hear it this ear, after a few weeks, it takes again its rods and rejoue, with the great happiness of its fellow-members and of the public. It thus goes back quickly on foot and the history of the group is far from being finished ...

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