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Torrini Emiliana

Philippe Torreton was born on October 13, 1965 in Rouen. Timid and reserved child, his mother registers it with a course of theatre to allow him to overcome his fears. However, Philippe does not intend himself for the trade of actor but dream to come police like his idols from the large screen Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura, etc. In 1987, in waiting of its file to become police inspector, it tries the inscription with the Academy of Dramatic art of Paris, where it east admitted. Three years later, it enters to the French Comedy where, during eight years, it will be able to explore all traditional theatre and, especially, will be able to point out itself by realizers. In 1991, it plays for the large screen in "Snow And Fire". It multiplies the roles until 1996, year or it receives César of the Best Actor for his interpretation in "Conan Captain" of Bertrand Tavernier.

Philippe leaves the French Comedy the same year, tired of the too great weight of the institution and devotes himself entirely to the cinema. In 1999, he is the Ca hero "Starts Today", then in 2000, he is directed by his wife (Anne-Marie Etienne) in the romantic comedy "Early Or Late" and remains in the same romantic register while turning the following year in "Felix and Lola". In 2002, Philippe incarnates Napoleon tortured in "Mr N" then plunges us in a "Body A feverish Body" to the sides of Emmanuelle Seigner. In 2004, it is with the poster of "the Team-member" then the following year, it becomes aviator in "the Knights Of the Sky".

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Philippe Torreton
Actor Philippe Torreton
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