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Tanita Tikaram was born on August 12, 1969 in Münster in Germany from a Malaysian mother and a father Fijian, officer in the British army, which brings back the family to the United Kingdom when Tanita to 12 years. Attracted by the music, Tanita plays in London clubs or it ends up being pointed out by a person in charge for a house of disc which enables him to record individual. "Good Tradition" leaves in 1988 and immediately meets a success which lets consider a beautiful career. The album "Ancient Heart", entirely written and composed by Tanita, leaves in the tread. It is sold with more than 4 million specimens and carries out Tanita to the four corners of Europe.

Between concerts and plates TVS, it finds time to record three albums until 1992 before taking a long leave far from the world of the show biz. It makes a short return in 1995 with "Lovers In The City", then in 1999 with "The Cappuccino Songs". During all this time, Tanita travels much, in particular to Italy which inspires it. In 2005, it leaves "Sentimental", its sixth album, which in ten titles plunges us in a simple universe of peace and love. When Tanita gains in maturity, its texts and its musics gain in beauty.

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Tanita Tikaram
Singer Tanita Tikaram
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