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Yann Tiersen was born on June 23, 1970 in Brest. It passes its childhood to Rennes where it is bored firmly at the school, on the other hand it shows a certain interest for the music and learns the piano and the violin. To adolescence, Yann turns to the rock'n'roll and plays in several small groups of the Rennaise scene. With the end of the Eighties, it gives a new turning to its career by writing musics for the theatre and of the short films. In 1995, it leaves its first album, "the Waltz Of the Monsters" which mainly resumes its work for the theatre and the cinema and gives a first outline of what is the Tiersen style. The following year, it leaves its second opus, "Street Of the Cascades", which like the precedent meets only one regional success and it is necessary to wait until 1998 and the exit of "the Headlight" so that the music of Yann explodes at the great day. In 1999, it leaves its fifth album on which for the first time it poses its voice on two titles. In 2001, Yann receives the Victoire of the Music of the Best Original Film Band for "the Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain".

This compulsive eater of work connects the concerts, the compositions for the cinema, and the recordings for his album (approximately per annum in studio or live) surrounded of a whole host of stars. For its last opus, "the Meeting again", left in 2005, Yann is surrounded once again of size of the French song to deliver a remarkable album to us.

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Yann Tiersen
Singer Yann Tiersen
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