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Uma Karuna Thurman was born on April 29, 1970 in Boston in Massachusetts. It grows in a family of intellectual, his/her mother is a psychotherapist and her teaching father in Asian religions. She passes with the remainder of her family several years to India, country of origin of the Uma first name which is that of a Hindu goddess. Different and very independent, small Uma is not really popular, it decides - whereas it has only 15 years to leave the school and to leave for New York. In order to live decently, it works in the restaurants of the city and launches out in mannequinât. Its dream: to become actress. All its efforts pay, since Peter Ily Huemer the remark in 1987 and offers to him a place in his film with suspense "Kiss Daddy Goodnight".

Unfortunately, the film is not in first place of the boxes office but Uma Thurman believes and put all in it on its second film "Jonnhy Be Good". But it is once more a failure. On the other hand one notices it in 1988 in the full-length film of Terry Gilliam "the adventures of the Baron de Münchhausen", and success arrives to him finally the same year in "Dangerous Connections" of John Malkovich. One then sticks the image of a girl to him sexy and sensual and the realizers will exploit only the sulfurous side of the actress. One will then see it in films "hot" like "Henry and June" or "Hot Blood for murder of Cold Blood". But this frontage is not appropriate to him, it tries to be demolished some by incarnating a young blind man in "Jennifer Eight" of Bruce Robinson in 1992.
But it is its impressive service in "Pulp Fiction" which makes of it an actress with whole share. It is nominated besides with the Oscars for the best second female role.
After that, it connects turnings, "Beautiful Girls", "Between Chiens and Cats" in 1996, "Batman and Robin" in 1997, and "Bowler hat and Boots of Leather" in 1998.
In 2000, it defends two films with the Festival of Cannes "In Costumes" and "the Gold Cut".
After having divorced Gary Oldman with which it was married of 1990 to 1992, it marries Ethan Hawke with which it has a small girl Maya Ray, born in July 1998.
Uma does not cease d’impressionner its public, in 2003, it is with the poster of "Kill Bill" of Quentin Tarantino in whom it is absolutely divine. As allured as the fans, the realizer realizes that it holds the rare pearl and decides to profit from it while leaving "Kill Bill 2". Uma Thurman passes the course of the celebrity whom these two films brought to him and since it rose with the row of the stars hollywodiennes, it connects successfully turnings. In 2006, it is with the poster "Small Confidences (A My Psychiatrist)", "My super Ex" or "the Producers".

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Uma Thurman
Actress Uma Thurman
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