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Theron Charlize

The Texas group is founded in 1988 in Glasgow. Composed of Sharleen Spiteri (song), Johnny Mc Elhone (guitar), Ally Mc Erlaine (guitar), Stuart Kerr (battery) and Eddie Campbell (keyboard) the group is pointed out at the time of a concert by a large label which proposes a contract to them. In 1989, leaves first individual "I Don’t Want To coil", the guitar slide and the voice of Sharleen make of them an immense success and the group can consider the exit of its first album. This album ("Southside") leaves in April and is sold with more than two million specimens. The European round which follows confirms the good results of the sales and the group is with the signal in many countries.

With the exit of the second album in 1991, Texas tackles the world musical market by making the promotion in Europe, in the United States and in Australia. The titles cases ("Why Believe In You", "My Heart", etc.) and the group launches out once again in large and long round. The exit of the third album in 1993 ("Ricks Road") mark a retreat of the sales which makes doubt the members of the group which decides to make a pause after a new round. In 1997, it is the return of Texas which the front of the scene with Sharleen which becomes carries the image and it word of the group, success is back in 1999 with the album "The Hush" and its famous title "Summer Its". Since, Texas A left only two albums, "Careful What You Wish for" (2003) and "Red Book" (2005), a superb album with the melodies envoûtantes which is not without pointing out "The Hush" and will charm the fans of beautiful Sharleen.

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