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Audrey Tautou was born on August 9, 1976 in Beaumont from a teaching mother and a father dentist. She passes her childhood to Auvergne where she obtains her vat then settles in Paris to continue studies of modern letters. Impassioned by the comedy, it follows, in parallel with its studies, of the courses of theatres to the Florent Course. Persuaded that its future is in the trade of actor, it directs its life towards the comedy and passes from many castings, which enables him to obtain minor parts in telefilms. In 1999, Audrey passes successfully the casting for the film "Venus beauty (institute)", for which it receives César of the best female hope, its career is launched.

She turns thereafter in less commercial films (Hooligans Vowels, the Beat Of Wing Of the Butterfly, etc.) then joins again with success in 2001 by interpreting the principal role of the "Fabulous Destiny D' Amélie Poulain" of Jean Pierre Jeunet. The film is an immense success which attracts more than thirty million spectators in the obscure rooms of the whole world. Since, Audrey turned in films as various as "A the Madness, At all", "the Sailors Lost" or "the Spanish Inn". In 2004, it returns under the direction of Jean Pierre Jeunet to play the part of Mathilde in "Long Sunday Of Engagement". In 2005, it will be with the poster for a second role in "the Headstock Russian", and will make its great return in "Da Vinci Code" into 2006 to the sides of Tom Hanks and Jean Reno, then in the romantic comedy "Except De Prix"puis in the romantic comedy "Out Of Price" with Gad Elmaleh. In 2007, it turns under the direction of Claude Berri in "Unit, It is All".

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Audrey Tautou
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