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The adventure begins in 1993 on the campus from the university from Rouen where Xavier Boyer, (today singer, guitarist, pianist, inputter and bass player) meets Pedro Resende (bass player, percussionnist, inputter, chorus-singer). The following year, they make the meeting of Mederic Gontier (guitarist, inputter, chorus-singer) which was at the time student in economy. It is in 1995, following the arrival of Sylvain Marchand (beater, percussionnist, inputter), that the perfect combination is started. It is after having seen the Tahitien Tee-shirt of the dad of Xavier qu’ils were struck by a MUSE which inspired Tahiti 80 to them.
After difficult beginnings, and useless tests, Sony is interested in the marvellous quartet and in New York a first album in collaboration with the immense American producer Andy Chase makes him record.

This first album "Puzzle" leaves in octobre1999. The group so sex begins a round in Belgium or it meets a public conquered. With English texts, the members of the group can easily consider an international career. And it is what they will do, because in 2000 "Puzzle" leaves to Japan. The tsunami Tahiti 80 breaks with the Country of the Raising Sun, with 50000 past specimens. After 8 days in concert, the island nippone is allured by small Frenchy, this is why they will make there a come back for the Festival Summer Sonic 2000.
After Japan, it is in the United States that they launch out. "Puzzle" leaves on June 6, 2000 and meets a great success once more.
Tahiti 80 are then over-booké, June 19, 2000, they make the first part of Oasis in Marseilles, two days later, they set out again in Paris for the festival of the music. At the end of August, they leave France for the USA or they start a two months round.
After having satisfied their American Dream, they aim at Great Britain but success is not as enormous as with Japan or their album ran out with 120000 specimens. It is also on the magic island that their work is rewarded by a disc for gold and a nomination in Japanese Gold Discs Awards.
The following year, a new album leaves in the vats. "Wallpaper For The Soul" conquered the countries of the world once more. They offer to their many fans the occasion to more discover them through several concerts, American, Japanese, and Europeans. Super the band thus makes the turn of the world in search of a little more success.
The 4 supers guys, exhausted by three years of work without slackening, decide to take a well deserved rest.
It is at the beginning of this year 2005 that we have the chance of réécouter again the envoûtante voice of Xavier. The superb album "Fosbury" mixes the pop one, of soul and of hip hop is ideal for texts filled with love. In short, a tempting receipt for an impatient public.

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