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Hilary Swank was born on July 30, 1974 in Lincoln in Nebraska, but grows in the State of Washington in the United States. The Hilary young person juggles between performance sporting and theatre. Indeed, the young athlete is champion of swimming to the Olympic Games junior and places herself at the 5 2nd rank of the State of Washington in gymnastics. In 1983, it begins the theatre by interpreting Mowgli in "The Jungle Book". A few years later it moves in in Los Angeles, and appears in many sitcoms like "What is nine, doctor?", "Evening Shade" or "Harry and Henderson".
In 1992, it takes down a role in "Wilder Camp" as well as a place on large screen in a film adaptation of "Buffy against the Vampires", at the sides of Chrity Swanson, Luke Perry and Donald Sutherland. Unfortunately, this film is a failure and the beginning of the galères starts for pretty Hilary. In 1994, it plays in "The Next Karaté Kid", a failure which receives criticisms negative, then it turns over on the small screen by interpreting roles of no importance.

It is in 1997 that it is finally noticed, thanks to its services in the preferred series of the banked-up beds, "Beverly Hills". Then Kimberly Pierce offers to him in 1998, the role which will launch its career, that of Teena Brandon in "Servant boys don' T cry". It receives for its époustouflante interpretation the Golden delicious Earth of the best actress.
Hilary and her adorable husband Chad Lowe swim in happiness in their superb house of Greenwich Village. In 2004, the heroin of "Million Dollar Baby" receives the Golden delicious Award Earth of the best actress for her incredible service. After very difficult beginnings, Miss Swank is finally rewarded.

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Hilary Swank
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