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The Strokes was born in New York in 1998 from the meeting from four buddies from school (Julian Casablancas with the song, Nick Valensi with the guitar, Nikolai Fraiture with low and Fabrizio Moretti with the battery) to which will quickly come to join Albert Hammond Jr to the guitar.

They are quickly made a name while playing in the rooms of New York and a producer take them under his wing to refine their titles. They leave first maximum into 2001 which revolutionizes the world of the rock'n'roll while returning to the sources of a simple sound, sometimes pure and hard, and the houses of discs fight to have them with their catalogue. Their first opus ("Is This It") leaves at the end of the same year and receives a super reception of the public and criticism. After a world round which carries out the group as far as Australia and in Japan, The Strokes turns over in studio to deliver its second album. "Room One Fire" leaves at the end of 2003 but its impact is less important than the precedent and after a promotional round in 2004, the group disappears from the front of the scene in 2005 to prepare its return with a third opus ("First Impressions Of Earth") which leaves at the beginning of 2006 and in which one finds a sound more pêchu but also fresher which manages to dissociate preceding productions.

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