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Stratovarius was founded in Finland in 1984, but of the three founders of the origins there do not remain any members. After difficult beginnings, during which the group seeks a style well with him, the group leaves its first album in 1989. Their style, symphonic speed metal, immediately allured a public which extends beyond the borders from Finland and floods the world market, in particular in Japan.

In spite of many rehandling, the group continues on its launched and alternates concerts and meetings studio. The album are connected at the rate/rhythm of one per annum and are often gold disc like "Destiny" in 1998. With the turning of the years the 2000 members of the groups take a little distances to produce their album solo. However they are found in 2003 to record "Elements" them 8th album studio then in 2005 for the promotion of "Stratovarius", album made up of 9 titles which confirms if it were needed all the talent of the group.
Timo Tolkki (Guitarist) born on March 3, 1966
Jens Johansson (Keyboards) born on November 2, 1963
Jari Kainulainen (Low) born on April 29, 1970
Timo Kotipelto (Vocaliste) born on March 15, 1969
Jörg Michael (Battery) born on March 27, 1963

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