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Natasha St-Pier was born on February 10, 1981 in Bathurst, in Canada. Early artist like numbers the his contemporary ones, Natasha puts a foot in the song as of the eight years age by studying the traditional song, the popular song, the dance and the piano
It becomes a "star" local then regional when it passes in its first broadcast television at the age twelve years. It is pointed out by a producer, who opens to him the doors of the studios of recording. Natasha, at fifteen years, thus records its first album (Emergence).
Located by Guy Cloutier who presents it at Luc Plamandon, Natasha joined in October 1999 the team of "Our Injury of Paris" where it is a marvellous Fleur of lily. Quebec succumbs to Natasha. First moments of glory et…deuxième album which reaches us in 2001: "A each one its history", recorded in Italy and greeted by the critic and the public.

Carrying out his career beating drum, the Québécois young person realizes in 2001 a new album (Of the love best), being made for the occasion accompany by Pascal Obispo, Lionel Florence or Daniel Seff thus showing his strong attachment with the French artists.
She filled Olympia in September 2002 and receives the at the beginning of 2003 Victoire of the Music of the revelation of the year. A first true recognition of the trade and the public for a young artist decided well not to remain about it there. After "the moment according to" in 2004, Natasha returns in 2006 with new a opus to the name which sounds like an osmosis with its public: "Wavelength".

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