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Sharon Stone was born on March 10, 1958 in Meadsville in Pennsylvania.
Sharon very early shows an interest pronounced for the dramatic art and follows courses throughout her schooling. Parallel to its brilliant schooling (it is graduate in letters and fine art) it is presented at several beauty contests and gains several prices. At 19 years, it enters a famous new Yorkean agency "Eileen Ford" and becomes a signal model famous for which it works several years for the marks Clairol, Diet Coke Fabergé and Revlon.

However, this career not being that which it had wished, Sharon returns to her first loves, the dramatic art. It launches out at the beginning of the Eighties in the cinema. These first roles will not be unforgettable bus Sharon is confined with roles of blondasses or, at best, development of the hero.
It owes its first true success of actress to Paul Verhoeven who engages it, in 1990, for "Recall Total", where it gives the counterpart to Schwarzenegger.
Two years later, always under the aegis of Verhoeven, Sharon acquires an international fame with its role of tueuse with the ice pick in "BASIC Instinct".
One cannot alas say that the continuation of its career is with the height of its ambitions: it turns in whodunnits érotico-psychiatrist (Intersection, Sliver), made in basic film of action (the expert), the western (Death or sharp), the grandiloquent thriller (Diabolic)...
Its more beautiful role is offered to him in 1996 per Martin Scorsese in his very beautiful "Casino"
In 1998 on February 14 it marries a writer of press, Phil Bronstein
In 2002 Sharon Stone chairs the jury of the 55ème International Festival of Film of Cannes.
After serious preoccupations with a health, Sharon Stone, who knew of real success only with sulfurous "the BASIC Instinct" in 1992, however seems decided well to return to Hollywood by the large door with three films.
It will try by all the means, of espionage to social while passing by the thriller or the fantastic one in "Catwoman", to reconsider the front of the scene... and it is with "BASIC Instinct 2" that it manages to reconquer the world in 2006 by appearing more beautiful and sensual than ever.

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