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Stone Joss

Sting of its true name Gordon Matthew Sumner was born on October 2 1951à Wallsend. It only learns how to play of the guitar by listening to the discs of Beatles and Rolling Stones, but does not plan to earn its living thanks to the music and intends themselves rather for a career in teaching.
To render service to a friend, Sting agrees to replace it for a concert given to Wheatsheaf where it creates sensation. The musicians of the group "Jazzmen Phoenix" recruit it and Sting which has just taken down its first post of teacher in a school deprived for girl divides between lessons the day and concert the evening. In 1977 it decides to cross the last step which definitively separates it from the music and melts the group "The Police". In five years and five albums the group forges an interplanetary reputation.

In spite of its success the group separates in 1983 and Sting launches out in a career solo since 1984 with a first album ("The Dream of the Blue Turtle") which meets a positive opinion of criticism and a frank commercial success near the public. Sting, which at that time is already father of four child (it of to 6 today), takes a little retreat compared to its work and becomes less prolific than at the time of "The Police", leaving an album only all both or three years, because in parallel he devotes himself to many humane causes: Amnesty International, safeguard of the Amazonian forest, etc. The opus, "Sacred Love", left in 2003 does not derogate from the rule of the precedents: omnipresent melodies and texts having always a major significance which make it possible to say of Sting which it is like the good wine and takes value with time. In 2006 Sting with an album surprising "Songs From The Labyrinth" homage to the music of the English type-setter of the 16th century John Dowland returns.

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