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LISA Stansfield was born on April 11, 1966 in Manchester (the United Kingdom). It sings since childhood and his/her mother carried out casting in casting until it takes down at 14 years a contract to become Co-presenter of an emission of television. In 1983 LISA meets Ian Devaney and Andy Morris with which it assembles its first group (The Blue Zone) and starts to be devoted to the writing of the songs.

The group signs a contract with a small house of discs which enables him to record their first Cd. This first step in the musical medium makes it possible LISA to leave its first album solo in 1989 "Affection". Individual "All Around The World" meets an international success and the album is sold with more than 5 million specimens. LISA takes part in many festivals and gives many concerts, it also takes part in the Cd recording to the humane profit of causes. In 1991, it leaves the album "Real Love" on which it records a new version of "All Around The World" with its idol Barry White. In 1993, after the exit of "So Natural" LISA leaves the mediums of the music to live its great love with Ian Devaney then made its return in 1997 with "LISA Stansfield", an album more personal than the precedents, then it is still necessary for the fans to wait 4 years before finding LISA on "Up Face". LISA is done increasingly rare in studio but provides only discs of a great quality, far from the modes and faithful to the style which him A was worth its success. Its last opus "The Moment", left at the end of 2004, of it is the perfect proof.

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Lisa Stansfield
Singer Lisa Stansfield
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