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Michael Sylvester Enzio Stallone was born on July 6, 1946 in New York. Follower of the sport it makes musculation as of adolescence then tests himself with football and boxing. He is also attracted by the comedy and holds his first roles with the college. Become young man, Sylvester follows courses of comedies to the University of Miami and scum the castings. In 1970, it takes down its first true role to play in an erotic film which will not mark the cinematographic history. It connects then during a few years of the minor parts to the cinema or for television, but nothing which enables him to leave the batch. In 1975, inspired by a match of boxing, Sylvester the scenario of "Rocky writes" and is essential to the producers to play the principal part. The film leaves in 1976 and makes of the actor a superstar.

The films are assembled on its name and Sylvester becomes one of the stars best paid. It connects the muscular and popular productions with the series of the "Rocky" and the "Rambo", "Tango and Cash", "High safety" or "Man Demolition". In 1996, following the failure of "Daylight" it puts its career between brackets to devote itself to its family. The choice of its films for its return is not convainquant since "Get Carter" in 2000, then "Driven" in 2001 are failures. However the fans of the strong man of the cinema remain numerous and it is not a chance if by interpreting roles with the monosyllabic dialogues hero oppressed Sylvester Stallone became one of the more actors best paid of Hollywood.

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