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Diana Spencer was born on July 01, 1961 in Park house, close to Sandrigham (United Kingdom). She grows in a universe protected and opened out fully in her studies, she adores the music, the dance and sciences and will be during a few times teacher. But another destiny awaits it and it is a girl open on the world which marries the heir to the crown on July 29, 1981. Quickly, Lady Diana takes a great place in the heart of the English because it renovates the image of the royalty. Diana gives rise to two children: Prince William Arthur Philip Louis on June 21, 1982 and the prince Henri Charles Albert David on September 15, 1984. However its couple beats wing and since 1992, Lady Di and Prince Charles do not live any more under the same roof (the divorce will be pronounced in 1996).

This freedom gives still more desire to the princess for coming to assistance of needy and it is spent without counting in humane actions with the four corners of the world. Alas, its happiness will be of short duration, it is killed in a car accident in Paris in company of his/her new friend, Dodi Al Fayed, August 31, 1997. Its funeral, organized in large pump with the abbey of Westminster on September 06, 1997, is followed by million people who had found in this princess of new time a generous and charitable heart. Its disappearance is often cried like that of a close relation, but if Lady Diana Spencer is extinct, the legend it will always live and it will thus always remain in our hearts.

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Lady Diana Spencer
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