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Britney Jean Spears was born on December 02, 1981 in Kentwood in Louisiana.
At 8 years it passes a hearing for the emission "Mickey Club" of Disney Channel. Too much young person for this emission, but noticed by one of the producers it is recommended to an agent of New York. It spends the three following summers to New York to follow the courses of the Center of Off-Broadway Dance and the courses of the School of comedy (Professional Performing Arts School).

At 11 years it begins finally in the series "Mickey Mouse Club" on the chain from Disney Channel in Atlanta at the side, amongst other things, of sound ex boy friend, Justin Timberlake.
In 1993, the emission is withdrawn from the grid of the programs, Britney turns over to Kentwood to follow a normal schooling. Two years pass before its agent recontacts it, whereas the pop acidulous one is at the top of its glory. Britney records its voice and proposes its demonstration at all the houses of discs. Well takes some to him since its cassette enables him to sign with the house Jive Heard and to put itself in relation to the producer Eric Foster White. In January 1999, "Baby, One More Time" are in the vats and land in first place of the hits. Britney vagueness breaks "Oops all over the world... I Did It Again", "Britney", "In the Zone" are sold with more than 50 million.
Britney Spears inaugurated at the end of 2003 its star of bronze on the pavement of the stars "Hollywood Boulevard", ultimate proof of its dedication. In 2005, it marks a pause in its career to give rise to its first child is born from his union with Kevin Federline at September. The couple's second child was born a year later, but the couple separated in 2007. Familiar for several months to make the front pages of newspapers for his life sentimental and personal piecemeal, the beautiful Britney Spears, is back at the forefront of the music scene late 2007 with an unstoppable pop album: "Blackout."

Cut: 1m60.
Weight: 59 kilos.
Colors of the hair: Châtains.
Colors of the eyes: Chestnuts.
First name of his/her parents: Jamie(pére) and Lynne(Mére) Spears.(Divorcés)
Trade of sound pére: Contractor in construction.
Trade of his/her mother: Teaching.
First name of sound frére and his/her sister: Bryan (frére) and Jamie-Lynn(soeur).
Foods preferred: The ices cookies Dough, doritos and the hot dogs.
Preferred drink: The sprite.
Kind of boy whom she loves: A boy who has a good direction of humour, soft, nice and which works hard.
His/her boy friend: Kevin Federline.
Practised sport: Tennis shoe ball, Golf, Tennis, Swimming.
Preferred sporting teams: Chicago bulldozers (Tennis shoe) and Yankees of NY (Baseball).
Preferred films: The marriage of my best friend, Steel magniolias, Titanic.
Preferred tele series: Buffy, Dawson, Félicity.
Character of preferred drawings animated: Donald Duck, Goofy.
Preferred actors: Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt.
Actress preferred: Julia Roberts.
Musical influences: Madonna, Withney Houston, Janet Jackson.
Group préferé: Sync, MatchBox 20, Backstreet Servant boys.
Pets: It does not have any any more.
Preferred clothing: Its diesel jeans.
Collect: Headstocks.
Hobbie: Shopping, Cinema, To dance, Sing, the beach.
It hates: Spiders, its feet (it find them too broad).
Quality: It is of not too much being done some.
Defect: Lose its personnel objects (especially in plane).
Color preferred: Blue powders.
Its flower preferred: White Rose.
Expressions most often known as: Divine kindness.
Its car: Convertible Mercedes.
Matter preferred at the school: English.

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