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Alain Souchon was born on May 27, 1944 in Casablanca, but grows in Paris where his/her father is an English professor and his mother writer. Shy person and melancholic person, it does not include/understand large thing at the school and misses its vat three times. His/her mother sends it to follow her studies to England, registers too late it does not have a place in the college which was to accomodate it. Alain decides despite everything to remain in London and saw odd jobs. During these 18 months, it discovers Stones and Beatles, a whole culture, which gives him desire for being put at the guitar and the composition.

Of return in France, than ever impassioned more by the music, he writes his first songs and occurs in small Parisiens cabarets. The beginnings are difficult and to earn its living Alain works in the building as carpenter or painter. In 1968, it meets Francoise who becomes his wife and with which it will have two wire, the first carrying the first name of his Pierre father.
In 1971 it signs a contract at Pathé Marconi and records some titles which do not meet that some successes of regard. Alain is satisfied with his songs but knows that the music poses problem to him. When its house of disc proposes to him to take as arranger a young unknown like him, it is the catch. Laurent Voulzy and Alain will not be left any more. From their meeting is born a first tube: "I am Ten Years old", which is also the title of the album which leaves in 1974. Its career is launched and it will become one of the large French singers.
In 1980, it meets Claude Berri, who gives him a role in "I Love You". It turns in seven films, whose "Fatal Summer" with Isabelle Adjani, then decides to stop the cinema "not being made for that" does not say he.
Engaged artist, Souchon forms part of the Sol adventure In If and takes part in the "Dumbs".
In 1993 the album "It leaves is Déjà Ca" which contains celebrates it "Sentimental Crowd" titrates which becomes an essential tube of the repertory of the singer, to see French song. Sold to more than one million specimens, this album is worth two Victories of the Music to him, those of the Best Song of the year and the Best Male Artist.
"To the Short-nap cloth of the Daisies" leaves into 99 and Souchon sets out again in round for more than one year. This round will leave a dvd and an album live, "I want the live one", which appear in December 2002 to make have patience its public until 2005 and the exit of "the Life Theodore (Carterline)" his last album studio dedicated to Francoise Sagan and to Theodore Carterline who assure us that Alain Souchon, sympathetic nerves, modest and discrete and one of the large artists of the French culture.

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Alain Souchon
Singer Alain Souchon
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