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Souchon Alain

It is towards the end of the Seventies that Martin Solveig, the genius of the house, is born. Very young person, attracted by the music, he becomes soloist in a choral society then at the 18 years age, suddenly decides to change direction. He launches out in the house music with the assistance of his friend Claude Monnet. He tests himself then with platinums of large Parisian clubs (Queen, Baths, Boards....) and points out himself by Bob Sinclar which invites it to take part in the album "Africanism" of which comes out from it "Edony" and "Heart of Africa".

In 2002, Martin take his take-off, and leaves its first album "On the Earth". A small jewel mixing soul, house all that bathed in a kind old school. Success surprising for this young French who sees his first opus propelled throughout the whole world. It works with Kenny Dope, Dj Spen, Salif Keita or Cunnie Williams. In 2003, it cases with individual "the Madan" and in 2004 it is "Rocking Music" which does of him one of the dj' S the most appreciated Europe. Cherry on the cake in 2005, with the international exit of a new album "Hedonist". A pure wonder for the in love ones with the house and an enormous success for small cabbage of Djs' TEAM. More doubts, Martin A conquered planet ...

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Martin Solveig
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