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Snoop Dogg

Sinsemilia was born from the common passion of three buddies of childhood for the music and more particularly the reggae. The first repetitions in the room of one or other the will succeeds to go further. The group increases (Mike with the song, Rike with the song and the guitar, Natty with low, Ivan with the battery, Zaz with the keyboards, Karine and Luc with the saxophone, Roukin with the percussions and flute, Fafa with the trumpet and Rachid with the sound) and starts to turn on Grenoble and the area. After four years in concerts, the group is ready to be sold on Cd and records its first album in 1996. the "First harvest" is sold honourably and made the increasingly many happiness of a public.

The concerts multiply and the rooms become more prestigious. The following album leaves in 1998, the words are in French this time and the public is found more still in the songs of the group. The sales explode and the group sets out again for a new series in concert. In 2000 "All leaves which one has", an album more posed in its texts but which does not remove anything at the festive side group. After a long pause, the group is found in studio to record "Upright, the Open Eyes" which leaves at the end of 2004 and launches out once again in a long series in concert because it is on scene that Sinsemilia gives all their power.

Solveig Martin
Souchon Alain
Spears Britney
Spelling Aaron
Spencer Diana
Springsteen Bruce
Stallone Sylvester
Stanfield Lisa
Stefani Gwen
Stiles Julia
Stone Joss
Stone Sharon
St Pier Natasha


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