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Sinclair, from its true name, Mathieu White-Francard, was born on July 19, 1970 in Tours. It grows in a musical universe between his father, sound engineer, its uncle stimulating Patrice of radio and television and his brother Hubert, DJ more known under the pseudonym of "Bass Boom". It is easy to include/understand why with similar references the Mathieu young person does not carry interest for the school and devotes a great part of his adolescence to the training of the guitar and piano. Its musical influences go from Stevie Wonder in Jimi Hendrix while passing by the brilliant one touches with any Prince. In 1993, Sinclair leaves its first album, recorded in its apartment and on which it holds the majority of the instruments. "That Justice Is made", of share its simple style funk and its texts touch a young public that Sinclair finds in concerts accompanied by nine musicians under the name of "the Sinclair System".

In 1995, Sinclair leaves its second album ("With the Contempt Of the Danger") then in 1997 its third opus ("the Good Attitude") the concerts promotions multiply and Sinclair receives many rewards. After one period of handing-over in question, Sinclair returns in 2001 with a new album, "Superstar Supernova" recorded in the family studio Labomatic. The same year, it marries Emma De Caunes before leaving once again on the roads France, Europe and Canada to transmit to the public its energy and its ardour funkye. In 2004, the exit of "As I Am 1992 - 2004", a double album made up on the one hand of a best of, on the other hand of new titles and a new occasion for Sinclair to give us return on scene, for our greater pleasure. With "Morphologique" in 2006, Sinclair returns with twelve titles rather sympatic and faithful to its style.

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