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Shirel, from its true name Jennifer Jeane Djaoui, was born on March 19, 1978. It is the girl of Jeanne Manson and the producer of cinema André Djaoui.
After a childhood and adolescence passed between California and Paris, it obtains its vat in a Parisian school then decides to leave for Israel to find its roots. It is that it there selected its Hebrew name, Shirel, which means "song towards God".
Its first musical experiment goes back to 1986. It records with her mother the song "curse Bobby" and to promote the title takes part in several emissions of television.
The experiment having been happy, Shirel take courses of guitar and piano during years. As of the fifteen years age it composes and sings some songs with the concerts of her mother.

In 1999, it gives up its studies to become nursery nurse and fits in a large school of music to learn the composition, the musical theory and the musical.
In 2001, at the time of holidays in Paris, it is presented at a hearing for Our Injury of Paris and it learns the day from its 23 years that its candidature was retained to take again the role of Esmeralda.
The representations will last more than one year, traversing the roads of France, Belgium, Suisses and even China.
At the beginning of the year 2003, Shirel enters in studio to record its first album ("All Ways") which leaves in May the same year. A very beautiful album, soft melodies for a singer with a crystal-clear voice.

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