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Maria Sharapova was born on April 19, 1987 in Nyagan in Russia. She and her family leaves Nyagan whereas she is only 2 years old with an aim of escaping from the repercussions of the cloud from Tchernobyl. A few years later, it begins tennis. The Russian baby contest in 1993 at the sides of Martina Navratilova to a Muscovite tennis tournament. His/her father carries out whereas its pretty blondinette is equipped with a particular talent for tennis. He thus decides to send it in Florida in the prestigious school of Nick Bolletieri.

Its beauty and its adorable gracious side however do not change anything with its promptness on the court and its striking all into force.
It is pointed out with its victory in Wimbledon in 2004, then by its arrived at the quarterfinal of Rolland Garos in 2005. Maria Sharapova is even crowned better player of the year in 2004 by WTA. The tzarina of the courses of tennis already has with her credit 176 matches including 138 victories, and becomes in September 2005 the best world player. But it is important to underline the youth of Maria, just like the 18 year old girls, she is interested in the music, the boys and à.la.mode. It is creative besides of a line of bag, and with its measurements of dreams signs with agency IMG. Its results on the courses of tennis of the whole world are always with the signal and at the beginning of 2007, after having yielded the first place during a few times to Amélie Mauresmo, Maria Sharapova takes again her dominant position in tennis.

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Maria Sharapova
Tennis woman Maria Sharapova
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