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Sharapova Maria

Tupac Amaru Shakur was born on June 16, 1971 in Brooklyn in New York. It grows in various districts of the city without never having time to be made friends because of frequent removals. Whereas it is still very young, his/her father, who belongs to the movement of Black Panther, is condemned to a heavy prison sentence. The life becomes of harder for the remainder of the family which ends up settling in Oakland in California. Tupac, delivered to him even, drag in the street and côtoie of the not very advisable people, and ends up putting a finger in the spiral of violence by selling drug. However, its meetings of the street inspire it and it starts to write some texts of rap which it interprets under the pseudo one of MC New York.

At twenty years, in spite of a tormented course (multiple arrests, prison) and tests with several groups (Strictly Dopes, DIGITAL Underground, etc.)Tupac leaves its first album solo, "2Pacalypse Now", which propels it on the front of the scene. Took by the swirl of glory, Tupac tests itself with the cinema and it is also a success "Juice", "Poetic Justice" or "Above The Rim" are excellent films in which it shows us the extent of his talent. Alas, randomly of its frequentations, Tupac it is made only friends and on September 7, it is made draw above in full street. It dies six days later (13/09/1996) of the continuations of its wound, leaving the movement orphan rap. Since its death, the myth of Tupac Shakur continuous of perdurer and many Cd with new titles left for greatest happiness its fans.

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Tupac Shakur
Singer Tupac Shakur
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