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Seu Jorge

The Servant, composed of daN Black (voice, guitar), Matt Fisher (low), Chris Burrows (guitar) and Trevor Sharpe (battery), is a founded English group at the end of the Nineties. Originating in Leeds, daN Black, is the leader of the group and the author of all the songs. In 18 years it settles in London and follows courses in Chelsea College of Article It is there that it takes part in many groups, among which extravagant "the Minty". Thereafter it melts a trio with Matt Fisher and Trevor Sharpe, for which it chooses the name of "Being useful The", inspired of the title of a film of Joseph Losey of 1963.

In 2000 the group leaves its first mini album, "Mathematics", and the following year "invisible With the". The specialized press accomodates with enthusiasm the two discs. Joined by Chris Burrows the group is ready to record its first album in 2003. Recorded in three weeks under the direction of Steve Dub (Chemical Brothers) the album "The Servant" on a rock'n'roll basis traversed of vibrations punk, funk and electronic meets a great success in particular thanks to individual "Orchestrated". The career of the group is launched and in 2006 the second album leaves the group "How To Destroy A Relationship", in the same line that the precedent, it will make the happiness of the fans in particular thanks to titles like "Hey Lou Reed" or "Moonbeams" which bring a new dimension to The Servant.

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